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We are used to having some of the finest drinking water in the world in Scandinavian, but the water supply can be challenging. Unfortunately more and more often we can find that there is a problem with the quality of the water into our homes.

Water quality can have different challenges within each country and even within each municipality.

It happens in more and more cases that our water taste or smell bad, that there are too high deposits of chlorine, pesticides or heavy metals or iron too.In Norway and Sweden the challenges are to renew old piping systems, and the common cause is the sewage leaks into wells and waterpipes, because of the climate changes it will increase the water levels and overflow the sewerage systems and threaten the drinking water. Also chlorinating of the water is widely used in especially Norway. In Denmark chlorinating of the water is an issue in the big cities but pesticides is becoming the greatest challenge. Although the authorities state that the levels of the chlorine, pesticides etc are below what is considered dangerous to us – but why should we even allow our bodies to be exposed to these dangerous and toxic substances. It is a human right to have good clean water without microplastics, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, or even more dangerous bacteria.

Remember that although the water is really good where you live, there are problems with the lime, we also find a solution to it.

If you have any questions about which filter system you need then, please send us an email. We can provide "almost" everything.

Having clean and healthy drinking water in your home is both a pleasure and a reassurance that you’re giving your family the best. With a water filtration system from Klaus Wittrup Water, you can provide filtered drinking water for every member of your family. From drinking water systems to shower filter systems, to filters for the whole house.

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