Boat and caravan filters

Like most people your concerns about water quality has probably increased over the past few years. Daily, there are new reports on water contaminations. In addition, you face special challenges: every time you reach a new location and hook up to the water supply, you meet a new set of water conditions.

Therefore you need a solution that addresses your concerns wherever you get your potable water from.




Replace every six months or at the start of each season.


HF15-MS is rated at 5 microns and has a capacity of 13200 liters. Chemical reduction up to 97% of chlorine, organic containments, herbicides, pesticides, and most heavy metals.

Scale reduction and improved sediment reduction and increased sediment holding capacity will reduce the risk of blockages and ensures the filter maintains a high flow. Reduces dirt, rust, sand, and fine particles.

cale protection for boilers, elements, flow paths, and valves against harmful scale build-up saving you money on service calls and break downs.

Ideal for scale protection where the total hardness is lower than 140ppm.

Pre-activation means the filter does not need flushing to remove carbon fines, saving time, and making change over time quick with no loss of product. (It is recommended to run 1-2 liters of water through to expel air from the filter and line)

Recommended changing the filter every 6 months, depending on needs or after every season.

Very easy to change, whether it´s installed under your kitchen sink or in your caravan. NSF Certified.

Price: HF15 MS Cartridge 99€

AP3 C762M

AP3 C762M is an activated carbon filter with a built-in 0.2 µm filter membrane.

The filter membrane retains 99.99% of bacteria in the water and the activated charcoal improves taste and smell.

The AP3 C762M is designed for mounting under the sink or near where you need water.

  • Provides consistently great tasting water for point of use water coolers and drinking water systems by reducing sediment and chlorine taste and odor.
  • Reduces parasitic protozoan cysts and water-borne bacteria using a 0,2 micron nylon membrane wrapped around carbon block media (model AP3-C762.M)
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design allows for fast cartridge change-outs without a need for a filter wrench.
  • SQC encapsulated cartridges reduce contamination during change-outs.
Price: AP3 filter C762M complete 325€
Price: AP3 filter C762M cartridge 230€