We had this fitted March this year by Klaus and it's brilliant. We were using Brita but this water is far superior and no more filters or plastic bottles and great tasting water. Worth every Euro.

We got one for under our kitchen sink... Its brilliant Highly recommend the facility and the provider. Good service , well prices.

we have the filter and it's awesome:)

Klaus Wittrup came along yesterday and installed a tiny little water filtration system for me. Great service, good tasting water and fast filtering. Cheers!

Steve O'donovan: We have this system and are really pleased with it !

David Farr: I had a three cannister system installed recently by Klaus Wittrup. The difference in clarity and taste is amazing. Well recommended for peace of mind.

Water is great. Drinking it all the time. Sharlotte

Maria Chetcuti: Excellent service today, prompt, clean, knowledgable, highly recommended Yes the quality of the water is excellent :) We are very very happy :)

Inge Venema: We had this also and it is great !!!!

Boguslaw Szulc: I would suggest you ask Klaus Wittrup to visit you with a view to fitting a water filter. We have a filter fitted under the kitchen sink and our water is as good as mineral water. Highly recommend.

David Farr: Highly recommended. Very pleased with my system. Excellent service.

Anja Neubauer So happy with my new water filter, no more plastic bottles and good tasting water!

Sonia Warren: We used Klaus for our system. Great guy to deal with and we are very happy with the result. Highly recommended!

Susan Phillips: Klaus was very helpful and professional when he fitted our filters.

Joanne Rodenhurst: Thank you fantastic service and very pleased with the product. Don’t have to carry large amounts of water anymore

Jane McMillan Frazer: Thanks klaus for installing the system in our house last week. What a diference it's made. Wish we had done it sooner.

Inge Venema: This is super, must do this

Jane Thomas: We had filtration system fitted at our apartment this week. No more water bottles to carry and in a small way help reduce plastic. Thank you Klaus very helpful and professional .

Julie Miriam: I can recommend Klaus. Very professional, reliable and friendly to deal with.

Liz Hamilton: Works like a dream.